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Motorized Solar Shades

Motorized Solar Shades

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Experience light and privacy exactly as you want with our Motorized Solar Shades. Motorized Blinds are convenient and easy to use, allowing you full control of your window treatments with the touch of a button. Along with the added convenience, Motorized Solar Shades create a safer environment for homes with younger children and pets. To ensure your light and privacy needs are met in every room, we carry a range of fabrics tailored to each type of light. From softening the sun's harsh UV rays to blackout fabrics for bedrooms and privacy, you are sure to find a blind to meet all your needs.

Solar shade fabrics are designed to block the sun's heat and glare and have a similar appearance to roller shades. Solar shades have an openness factor related to the weave’s tightness and the corresponding viewthrough it provides (1%, 3%, 5%). In general, the higher the openness factor, the looser the weave and allows more light and more viewthrough. For example, if a shade has a 5% openness factor, it will let more light (and consequently more view) than a solar shade with an openness factor of 1%.

A- Inside Mount
Blind or Shade will be installed on the inside of the window frame. Finished measurement of your shade will be order width minus 1/8". For inside mount, it is recommended to check whether the mounting surface is leveled.
B- Outside Mount
Blind or Shade will be installed above the moulding or directly on the window frame. Outside mount is ideal if you don't want to see the window frame or moulding. We will make no adjustments to your order width.

A- Chain Guard
Features and Options
• Simple operating system compliant with the CWC Regulations.
• Available in clear, lead-free, UV stable PVC only.
• ChainGuardTM sizes are predetermined based on chain lengths. When installed, no more than 22cm of chain will be exposed at once.
• Chain length is defaulted based on shade height
• Compatible with all Rollers, Alternating Shades, and Sheer Shades.
• Retrofittable for child safety compliance.

B- Wand Motor
Features and Options
• Child safe operating system.
• Available in different wand lengths in white only. Length will be determined by shade height
• Retrofittable for child safety compliance.
• Charging port on the bottom of the wand allows for easy acces and is compatible with any micro-usb to USB cable.
• Easy 2- button control
• Affordable motorized control option.

C- Solo Motor
Features and Options
• Child safe operating system.
• Embedded Li-ion rechargeable battery. Lasts approximately 6-12 months per charge
• Orion will set top and bottom limits for your shades based on order height
• Orion will assign shades to channels on remote(s)
• Remote and charger sold seperately
• Affordable motorized control option.

A- Roller Exposed
Features and Options
• For manual shades, brackets will be automatically selected based on shade size & weight.
• Brackets will be colour coordinated with the fabric unless custom colour coordination is specified.
• Light gaps are approximately 1 1/8"

B- Round Cassette & Fabric Wrap
Features and Options
• Features a sleek curved design, ideal for residential decor.
• Pre-assembled in our factory and shipped as a complete unit for easy installation.
• Fabric wrapped feature optional

C- Square Cassette
Features and Options
• Available in a sleek square shape with a unique textured finish.
• If not specified, hardware colors will be color coordinated with fabric

Solar Shade fabrics are specially designed with perforations (mini holes) which allow you to see through the fabric, while also blocking some light or sun. Openness refers to the density of the fabric weave, which affects the degree of visibility, privacy, glare control and UV blockage.

• 1% openness: least view, most privacy, UV blockage 99%
• 3% openness: some view, more privacy, UV blockage 97%
• 5% openness: moderate view, some privacy, UV blockage 95%

The view-through of a screen fabric is also dependent on the color of the fabric, lighting in the room and outside the room.

Light Color Fabrics
• In daylight, light color fabrics provide a softer view-through to the outside, while preserving natural light inside.
• At night, when lights are on inside and dark outside, your view is diffused from the outside into the room.
• Reflects light, allowing less heat gain in a room, providing greater energy efficiency.
• Blocks harmful, UV rays that can discolor furniture, flooring and art work.

Dark Color Fabrics
• In daylight, provides a crisp view-through the shade to the outside.
• At night when lights are on inside and dark outside, view-through is possible from the outside into the room.
• Absorbs light and heat gain at the window for energy efficiency.
• Offers superior glare control by reducing visible light that comes through the fabric.


Solar Shades offer excellent light control while providing a modern and clean look at your window. Designed to protect against UV rays and reduce glare, our custom Solar Shades fabrics combine high-quality textiles and natural color tones that blend into any interior.