Benefits of Window Treatments in Regulating Internal Home Temperature

Benefits of Window Treatments in Regulating Internal Home Temperature - Orion Blinds

Window treatments offer a wide array of benefits to your space. From exhibiting a stylish andrefined look to cutting down on energy bills and regulating the internal home temperature - the window treatments are more than a necessity. They can also improve energy efficiency, reduce glare or natural light, and provide privacy to the indoors of your home. Generally, about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. Hence, these window coverings can help with this loss and lower your energy bills. From roller shades to cellular shades, curtains, and shutters - these home improvement decor pieces can truly make you feel comfortable at all times. So, let’s have a look at these benefits, per se!

Cutting Down Energy Bills

Window treatments like curtains, shades, and blinds can easily reduce or cut down the energy bills. During the summer months, these window treatments, when closed, can keep away heat from entering indoors. On the other hand, during the winter months, they can control the leakage of heat from indoors to the outdoors. It’s important to note that for maximum efficiency, you must choose from cellular shades, dual shades, roman blinds, or shutters. Moreover, other factors such as the quality of the fabric and whether you choose to remain them closed or open matter! In heating seasons, tightly installed cellular shades can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, which equates to about 10% heating energy savings. In cooling seasons, cellular shades can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by up to 60%, reducing the total solar gain to 20% when installed with a tight fit.

Protection Against UV

UV rays have the potential to damage your interior floors, furniture, fabric, and artwork.Hence, these blinds, shutters, and shades will predominantly help and keep your furnishings in pristine condition by simply blocking the harmful UV rays. In a way, this also helps protect your skin against any damage - and that’s why having shades and shutters is a great way to protect the indoors.

Added Comfort

Window treatments can keep the indoor temperatures intact. The fabric limits the exchange of heat between indoors and outdoors to further create a cozy and comfortable environment for you. Hence, it will never be too cold or too warm if you have these window treatments on board. Insulated cellular shades are typically considered to have the highest R-values of all window coverings. The air pockets in the honeycomb cross-sections act as insulators, increasing the R-value and reducing the conduction of heat through the window. Insulated cellular shades can be a good choice if you are looking for significant energy savings from their window coverings, as well as comfort, privacy, and increased home resale value.

Summing It Up

It all boils down to the quality and type of your window treatment as well. Generally, it’s better to choose thick curtains or blinds for increased efficiency and lowered energy loss. So, are you excited to incorporate them into your home? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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